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Green Party in Northern Ireland Key Policies


  • Other parties have now accepted the case for a Green New Deal, put on the table by the Green Party, but there is still work to be done to ensure the Executive delivers.
  • Investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency can reduce fuel poverty, create 30,000 jobs and help protect the environment.
  • A shift in the emphasis of taxation towards taxes on environmentally harmful activities
  • A new measure of economic progress that takes account of wellbeing as well as GDP growth
  • Encourage flexible, tele- and homeworking

Political reform

  • Ban corporate donations to political parties and require the naming of all major donors
  • Controls on election spending
  • Automatic voter registration to increase turnout and prevent disenfranchisement
  • Lower the voting age to 16 and ensure children and young people have a voice in decisions affecting them


  • Harness indigenous renewable energy sources – some of the most promising in Europe - to ensure energy security and stop exporting money as we import fossil fuels
  • A feed-in tariff to encourage small scale renewable energy and enable communities to meet their own energy needs
  • The island of Ireland to remain a nuclear free zone
  • Support for insulation, microgeneration and energy conservation measures to reduce fuel poverty

Social justice

  • Reduce inequality between rich and poor with an adequate income for the least well off, delivering a better quality of life for all
  • Ensure adequate availability of high quality, affordable housing with security of tenure
  • An emergency response service for homeless people and increased support for groups working with them


  • Step up to the challenge set by Wales and Scotland in reducing Northern Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions
  • An independent Environment Protection Agency to hold polluters to account and ensure the policies needed to avoid crippling fines for failure to implement EU environmental laws are put in place
  • Improved access to environmental justice for individuals and heavier fines for polluters, reflecting the true value of the damage caused and any profits thereby gained
  • Waste reduction and increased recycling leading to the elimination of landfill
  • Improved coastal defences in areas vulnerable to flooding at current and predicted future sea levels


  • Transport policy must be underpinned by equality, ensuring that the least well off and most isolated have access to quality public transport
  • Make up for decades of underinvestment in public transport and introduce integrated ticketing systems
  • Oppose the runway extension, seek the restoration of the cap on passenger numbers and oppose any further relaxation of operating conditions at Belfast City Airport
  • Promote cycling as a form of commuting, including extension of the National Cycle Network


  • Support the local food industry, particularly the expansion of organic food production
  • Oppose the introduction of genetically modified organisms in line with the precautionary principle
  • Support farm diversification including energy crops as long as they are genuinely sustainable
  • A licensing system to support sustainable fishing practices and end wasteful discard of surplus catch


  • Smaller class sizes
  • Increased support for integrated education
  • Protect children’s right to play and public spaces that provide an opportunity to do so


  • Health services should not be run as for-profit businesses
  • Ensure equality of health service provision
  • Increase funding to the Health Promotion Agency as part of a rebalancing of health policy towards healthy lifestyles and prevention of illness
  • Encourage open discussion of mental health issues
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